Clare Muireann Murphy and Tim Ralphs, Storyteller: Die urbane Geschichtenoase präsentiert: Tales of the Rabbit God — Palmenhaus, Alter Botanischer Garten ZH

Die urbane Geschichtenoase

Down a oft-forgotten side-street, in the districts of desire, is a shrine to the Chinese Rabbit God, Hu Tianbao. Here love and gender are not tightly bound by rule, law or social expectation. Clare Murphy and Tim Ralphs stumble into the Rabbit God’s court, looking way beyond ‘boy meets girl’ to unearth a veritable sweet shop selling every possible flavour of attraction and the myriad nature of sexual identity.

Told by Clare Muireann Murphy and Tim Ralphs (English)

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Palmenhaus, Alter Botanischer Garten, Pelikanstr. 40, 8001 Zürich